Creative Vessels for Your Blooms

Fresh flowers are undoubtedly a delightful sight on Valentine’s Day, but their beauty often fades faster than we’d like. However, if you invest in a vibrant handmade stoneware piece to accompany them, you’ll find yourself enjoying it’s beauty again and again, and possibly finding uses for it other than a vaseOne of the many charms of Polish pottery stoneware lies in its versatility beyond its function as kitchen and dinnerware.  We’ve picked out several shapes you may not think of first when considering choosing a vessel for that bouquet:

  1. Basket: Picture a charming basket brimming with colorful flowers adorning your dining table or mantelpiece. Polish pottery baskets are perfect for those long-stemmed tulips that tend to bend in a vase.  Additionally, a basket is great as a display for multiple store-bought plants!
  2. Utensil Jar: Who says utensil jars are just for kitchen tools? Cut your stems shorter and transform this squat, vertical shape into a stylish container for a lush bouquet.  It’s all about the blooms!

    “Pasadena Delight” Canister by Ceramika Artystyczna
  3. Tumbler: The humble tumbler may seem like an unlikely choice for a vase, but its compact size makes it perfect for small arrangements, similar to a bud vase. Place them on windowsills or bedside tables for a dose of floral charm.  Shorter tumblers are also the perfect size as a container for ever-popular and giftable succulent plants.
  4. Canister: When used without their lids, canisters offer ample space for extravagant floral displays and are similar in shape to some of the largest vases. However, this versatile piece is perfect for gift-giving, since the lucky giftee can also use it for kitchen or desk storage after the blooms have faded.
  5. Pitcher: Classic and versatile, a Polish pottery pitcher serves as an ideal vase for larger bouquets. Its graceful shape adds an air of sophistication to any floral arrangement, allowing for some flair and movement to the style of your bouquet.  This type of piece is perfect for less regularly-shaped floral blooms, like irises and lilies.

What sets Polish pottery stoneware apart is its durable construction and thick glaze. Not only do these qualities ensure that the colors won’t fade over time, but they also make the pieces dishwasher safe for easy maintenance – a convenience every busy homeowner can appreciate.  Also, the ease in cleaning Polish pottery allows you to use this stoneware over and over again, for whatever purpose you choose!

So, say goodbye to fleeting floral displays and hello to lasting beauty with Polish pottery stoneware. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of a basket or the timeless elegance of a pitcher, there’s a piece to suit every style and space. Elevate your home décor with these exquisite vessels and enjoy the enduring allure of vibrant blooms year-round.