Pottery Gifts for Mom

If, coming up on Mother’s Day, you once again find yourself pondering the enigma that is your mother — does “Oh, you don’t need to get me anything for Mother’s Day” sound familiar? — we’re happy to help with some suggestions.  Because here’s the catch: despite her protestations to the contrary, mom secretly loves the extra attention on Mother’s Day.  And if she also loves Polish pottery, she’ll really go gaga over anything you choose for her — and the more thought you put into it, the more it’ll feel extra special!

First on the list?  Cook her favorite meal!

If you have a knack for cooking (or can pull your team together to group-source it), nothing says “I love you, Mom” quite like a homemade breakfast in bed or a sumptuous dinner cooked with tender loving care.  Mom will love sharing time around the table with all the family!  If you need to serve a large group, surprise her with an easy dish in a new rectangular baker or even some prepared dishes from her favorite restaurant on a few serving trays.  An easy crowd-pleaser?  A simple breakfast – maybe crepes, french toast, or even doughtnuts from her favorite shop — as well as some bacon on a special bacon platter.

Bake her something incuding the secret ingredient: love!

Whip up the delectable treat your mom doesn’t have time to make for herself, whether it’s a fancy cake or some simple chocolate chip cookies.  Present it on a new cake stand or cookie platter — and don’t forget the bow!

For those “mover and shaker” moms, a travel mug is the perfect gift!

The durability, insulation, and eye-catching designs of these travel mugs can’t be beat.  All her friends will ask where she got it, and then she can brag about how great her kids are.  Or, if she’s also known as “Mom” at the office, give her a mug that says “Mom”, so she can “own it”!  And while you’re add it, include a warmer so she can keep her tea or coffee warm throughout the workday.

Have a Mom who pays close attention to fashion?  Add some jewelry to her collection.

From delicate earrings, to pendants and statement necklaces, Polish pottery jewelry adds a unique European flare that will make her feel beautiful and cherished.

Still can’t choose, or no time to order ahead?  A gift certificate may just be the little luxury she’s hoping for, especially if she has her eye on something already.  You really can’t go wrong!