Bring Back Tea Time!

If you’re constantly feeling the effects of an afternoon slump, join us in our effort to bring back “tea time!”  Many European cultures take part in this daily pause to entertain tastebuds, take a breath, and refuel.  Sure, there are plenty of healthy snacks you could eat instead, but part of the joy of a proper “tea-time” is looking forward to a little sweet treat and a warm comforting cup of tea.  What better way to make this time more indulgent than by serving yourself with a small Polish pottery dish and mug?

Yes, you could add some berries if you’d like to be healthier, but if your sweet treat is properly porpotioned, it can be a form of reward and self-care that’ll keep you powering through to supper.  Here are 3 of our favorite personal-sized dishes and tea options that are perfect for this little ritual:

6″ “toast” plate and brewing mug:

brewing mug with spoon by Zaklady

This plate is the perfect size for a chocolate croissant, slice of lemon loaf, or doughnut – really any tasty baked good you can think of.  Just remember to savor each bite, which will be easier if you make a favorite cuppa with a brewing mug, taking long sips from your freshly steeped tea.

5″ pedestal bowl and 15 oz. tumbler:

Sometimes cold treats can be the most comforting, especially if you’re experiencing a heat wave!  That’s why the pedestal bowl is our favorite for a creamy cup of yogurt or ice cream with your favorite toppings… and when paired with a cold iced tea in a tumbler, you’re on your way to total “chillax”-ation.

4″ mini plate and tea set for one

The mini plate is great for when you just don’t want to overdo it — as in the case of a decadent brownie, cookie, or honey-soaked square of baklava.  You not only keep these sugary bites at a minimum, you keep the potential for a sticky mess at your desk low as well!  Wash it all down with a large cup or two of tea from your own personal tea set for one — as impressive as it is practical!