Pottery for More than Feasts

Polish pottery is renowned for its intricate hand-painted designs and exceptional craftsmanship. While there’s a special joy in pulling out your treasured Polish pottery serving pieces for those grand family feasts like Thanksgiving, why limit the elegance to just one day a year? Here’s how to use your favorite pieces all year long.

1. Gravy Boat and Ladle:

Thanksgiving isn’t complete without the rich, velvety gravy. But your Polish pottery gravy boat and ladle are more than just Thanksgiving essentials. Use them for drizzling any kind of sauce over your favorite foods, like hollandaise over a healthy breakfast toast or lime crema over tacos.  And they’re just the thing for drizzling raspberry or chocolate sauce over your favorite ice cream. So decadent!

2. Large Platters:

Large Polish pottery platters in vibrant patterns are perfect for serving up a succulent turkey on Thanksgiving. But don’t forget to use them for other occasions too! Whether it’s a summer barbecue, a brunch spread, or a charcuterie board at a cocktail party, these platters elevate your presentation.

3. Covered Turkey-Shaped Bakers:

These stunning turkey-shaped bakers are designed for Thanksgiving, but they’re not limited to just roasted turkey. Consider using them for any poultry dish like casseroles or to slow-bake anything (turkey bacon, for instance) that might splatter in the oven. These bakers are conversation starters, especially for those with a love of farmhouse style.

4. Leaf Shaped Bowls:

Leaf-shaped bowls are splendid for serving your favorite Fall-hued festive dish like roasted beets and carrots.  They’re also an interesting living room decor item in rustic spaces, especially when filled with nuts or pinecones.  Consider using them at your dinner table throughout the year to serve salads or cooked, leafy greens!

4. Wine Goblets:

Goblets bring an air of sophistication to any table setting. Beyond toasting on special occasions, use them to host a wine and cheese night or serve cold lemonade in the summer.  Shorter goblets are also perfect for layering a parfait or fruit cup and creating a special dish with extra flair. Cheers!

5. Cake Stands:

Cake stands are not just for showcasing delectable desserts. Use them to display your favorite appetizers, an assortment of sliders or sandwiches, an array of fruit, or even a tower of fluffy pancakes at a weekend brunch. Their versatility extends far beyond dessert.  You can even use them with floral arrangements within a tiered seasonal centerpiece.

Polish pottery has an incredible ability to turn a regular meal into a special occasion and elevate your decor. Its timeless beauty and sturdy craftsmanship mean these serving pieces are not just for one day a year.  So, why not dust off those beautiful Polish pottery serving pieces more often and enjoy the magic they bring to your home throughout the year? Your life will be richer for it!