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Give your home an elegant upgrade with this stylish selection of linens and decor. From casual placemats for everyday meals to elegant linen tablecoths that can fancy-up your house for your next dinner party. Find a perfect match for your new or existing decor available in a wide range of beautiful colors.
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This Stainless Steel cutlery set (item number H2517N) is made by talented artisans from Italy. It is 0.5" high and measures 0.9" by 9.5". The weight of this cutlery set is 4.25 lbs.
Set of flatware 24pc
This Stainless steel flatware set of 4 (item number H3169N) is made by talented artisans from Poland. It is 0.2" high and measures 0.7" by 9.1". The weight of this flatware set of 4 is 2.47 lbs.
Gerlach 24 Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set
$365.43 $190.02 48% off
This Stainless Steel set of 5 knives (item number H6947N) is made by talented artisans from Poland. It is 13.4" high and measures 3.5" by 7.6". The weight of this set of 5 knives is 4.96 lbs.
Set of 5 Knives 13"
$413.97 $215.26 48% off

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