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Our goal
is to satisfy and delight our customers by offering the best selection of Polish pottery at the best prices in the world.
We strive
to offer the best and largest selection of Bolesławiec stoneware and provide knowledgeable expertise, reliable customer service, and excellent shipping.
We promise to
exceed your expectations every time you give us a chance to serve you.
At Polmedia,
Our Polish Heritage Guides Us

For the last 25 years, our Polish family has been “all in” on making authentic European stoneware and products readily available to customers around the world. We love that this handmade product combines both our Polish heritage and our desire to enrich the lives of our customers, our employees, and the talented artists who continue this

Your enthusiasm in our products and trust in our expertise means everything to us. We’re proud to bring you the best that Poland has to offer. Thank you for your business!

Art Papiez
Art Papiez

“Sometimes it takes a move to another continent before you realize how special your heritage is. Ironically, I first became aware of Polish stoneware while living and studying in Chicago. I knew right away it was something special!”

Bartek Papiez
Bartek Papiez

“I navigate the intersection of craftsmanship and cutting-edge solutions, seamlessly blending the artistry of pottery with the convenience of technology to help you find that perfect piece of Polish pottery.”

Monika Papiez
Monika Papiez

“I artfully weave my passion and expertise for Polish stoneware to offer our customers personalized guidance in their shopping experience. I cherish the fact that each piece tells a story of elegance and enduring craftsmanship”

Marcin Papiez
Marcin Papiez

“Behind every elegant creation is a well coordinated symphony of operations, and I take pride in crafting the backbone that brings the beauty of Polish pottery to your doorstep”

Customer Service

“My mission is to ensure that every interaction is as delightful as the intricate patterns on our stoneware. With a passion for service and a commitment to your satisfaction, I'm here to transform your pottery journey into a seamless and a joyous affair, where every question finds an answer and every concern is addressed with utmost care.”

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