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Ashtray 7" Stepping Stones
Exact dimensions: 6.89" x 6.89" x 1.38"

This Polish Pottery ashtray (item number H8972K) is made by Ceramika Artystyczna factory in Boleslawiec, Poland. It is 1.4" high and measures 6.9" by 6.9". The weight of this ashtray is 1.16 lbs. The price of this ashtray is $46.95 and if your total is over $99 you will get FREE SHIPPING.

This particular Polish Pottery ashtray is currently sold out from our Texas warehouse. It can be special ordered from Boleslawiec if you don't mind waiting 4-6 months for it. Why does it take so long? Typically, if we order it this month, manufacturer will have it ready for us by the end of next month, and it takes 2 months for the goods to travel by wheels and sea from Boleslawiec to Texas. That is roughly 4 months total if everything goes smooth. Sometimes it will take longer than 4 months if the manufacturer is very busy, but it should never take longer than 6 months.

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Ceramika Artystyczna

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Ashtray 7" Stepping Stones



Sold Out

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Product ID: # H8972K

Weight:1.2 lbs

Style: # S412B

Pattern: # P1584A
Stepping Stones

Polmedia Polish Pottery is:

  • quality 1 stoneware
  • hand painted
  • made in Boleslawiec Poland
  • safe to use with food
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe
  • oven safe up to 480 F
  • freezer safe
  • lead and cadmium free
  • crack and chip resistant
  • durable for everyday use
  • easy to clean

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