Babcia’s Most-Used Pottery

In the heart of Polish tradition, Babcia Day holds a special place—a day dedicated to honoring the wisdom and magic of grandmothers. And in our house, Babcia’s culinary expertise is truly legendary! Here are the top 6 pieces our Babcia tends to use most often:

1. Serving Platters Pierogis: Pierogis, a staple of Polish comfort food, find their place on beautifully crafted platters in interesting shapes, with upturned edges that keep the butter (and sautéd onions) beautifully contained and mixed with the pierogis.

Garlic Jar with Vent Holes by Vena

2. Garlic Jars: Every Polish kitchen boasts a garlic jar with a personality of its own. Decorated with vibrant patterns, these jars are not just storage; they’re also a medicine jar!  At the slightest touch of a cold, use Babcia’s tried and true trick of downing a whole clove of garlic — you’ll soon be on the mend.

3. Sausage Plates: Polish sausages, or kiełbasa, are a culinary art form. Sausage plates, adorned with intricate designs, are the perfect way to serve beautiful sausages, alongside condiments like beet and horseradish relish or spicy mustard.  Or, if you’ll take Babcia’s advice to eat your veggies, pair your meat with a couple traditional fermented slaw salads.

4. Teapots and Mugs: No Polish household is complete without a teapot and mugs, inviting warmth and comfort with every sip. Adorned with traditional patterns, these pieces are a symbol of beauty and utility.  In a Polish home, visitors are treated to ultimate hospitality, including food accompanied always by tea.  And if you’re feeling a little off, a cup of tea with a spoonful of local honey will do the trick to comfort and soothe.

5. Square Bakers for Cakes: The aroma of a freshly baked apple cake fills the air, creating memories that linger for a lifetime. Square or rectangular bakers, with their charming designs and easy ability to portion desserts with a spatula, are the vessels that bring these delectable creations to life. Square bakers are the key to creating the perfect layered dessert, whether it’s a spiced fruit and crumble-topped cake or a gorgeous layered custard cake.

6. Fermenting Crocks: In the realm of preserving the flavors of home, fermenting crocks are essential. These pottery vessels, adorned with intricate patterns, hold the secrets to pickling cabbage for the perfect sauerkraut, a staple in many Polish households. Babcia’s crock is not just a container; it’s a portal to preserved goodness.  These get much use over the years, and they’re a typical piece that’s passed down between generations.

As we celebrate Polish Babcia Day, let’s raise a glass to the legacy of love and flavor passed down through these cherished pottery pieces. Each vessel tells a story, and in every kitchen, Babcia’s wisdom continues to guide the hands that create the magic of Polish cuisine.