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This Post Focuses on How to Leave Reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Google+

At Polmedia Polish Pottery, we Love our Customers

Polmedia Polish Pottery's Retail Store is Located in Seguin, Texas
Polmedia Polish Pottery’s Retail Store is Located in Seguin, Texas

At Polmedia, customer service is our top priority because you matter most to us!  We take our customer feedback to heart.  If you would like to leave us a review, here are three ways that you can send us some feedback:

Yelp Reviews


How to Write a Yelp Review:


You can type www.yelp.com into your browser.  Yelp will ask you what you would like to find, for this part, type in Polmedia.  It will also ask you what location you would like to search near. For this part, put in Seguin, Texas and hit search.  Once you have reached Polmedia Polish Pottery’s review page, you can click write a review at the top of the page and you will be all set to begin writing your review.  You can begin at the Yelp homepage listed above or you can simply click on this link to go directly to Yelp Reviews of Polmedia Polish Pottery.

Polmedia on Trip Advisor


How to Write a Trip Advisor Review:


Go to www.tripadvisor.com and search worldwide for Polmedia.  Polmedia Polish Pottery will come up and you can simply click on it to go to our review page.  There will be a green button on the right side of the page that says write a review.  Just click and start writing.  You can also find Polmedia on Trip Advisor by clicking on this link.

Find us on Google+ 

 How to Write a Google+ Review:


If you have a Google+ profile, you can click on this link to get to Polmedia Polish Pottery’s Google+ profile.  Once you are on our page you can leave a review by clicking on the first icon below our profile picture, it is a little pencil.  Once you click on it, you can write a review.

Thank you:

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your business and continued support.  Leaving a review on any of these sites will allow others to discover the joys of Polish Pottery as well.  Thank you.

How to Leave a Yelp and Trip Advisor Review